The Pleasure Elite - (Jabber) Don't Cross The Line by Luvleggs / VBlast
You can now purchase the first piece through Matter Gallery
The Pleasure Elite's 5th full length CD "Jabber" is a departure from the normal process of making an album.
Jabber is based on 3 of the works of China Mieville (Perdido Street Station, The Scar and The Iron Council). With Jabber The Pleasure Elite will not only be doing an interpretation musically but artistically as well.
Each song will become available as a one of a kind piece of art with the song embedded in the artwork. We will document each song from beginning to end artistically and the purchaser of the piece will be the sole owner of the piece, the song and the full processes that went into making it all come together.
The first piece "Don't Cross The Line" will slowly be unveiled as we progress, starting with sketches and song snippets. As well as the what the song is based on.
In the coming weeks you can track our progress and bid on the first piece through our website.

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